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Important Notice:  I'm really excited to announce that my Stock Alert Service remains profitable in both Bull and Bear markets. That's because it's designed to take money from the inexperienced (the herd) trader and make money with the large Insider Institutions (smart money).  My techniques are cutting-edge.  Read on to obtain a ONE MONTH TRIAL and learn how to...


"Explode Your Profits From 

The Stock Market - Month After Month, 

Over and Over Again... While Actually

 Decreasing Your Current Market Risk"


From: Bill Barrett



Dear Friend,



Most of you have been with me for awhile. You've read my newsletters and checked out my information.  You know I'm for real. That's why so many of you email in and ask for a service like this.


Many of you have told me you are working with less than that's why I've started the Stock Alert Service.


This is not a day trading service. Positions are held for numerous days at a time and it's set up to produce steady, reliable winners.  This is commonly referred to as Swing Trading.


This service is for those of you that want or need to trade day to day.


Let's face it,  if my alert service produces profits then you'll be more then happy to become a member.  So I'm not going to spill over about all the profits I've made in the past, that will not make you one single dime.  What I am going to do is...



Show You Profits From This Day Forward


and that's all your interested in.  Who cares what happened yesterday, you want to know what will happen today and tomorrow.  


Check out the alerts, then YOU determine how much money would go into your pocket.  Not my pocket, or the next guys pocket...but YOUR POCKET.



Paper Trade The Alerts 


If you want, paper trade the alerts at first.  You'll soon see how effective they are.



"I Really Don't Have That Much Time"


That's a good point, but it really doesn't take much time. The work is in finding the right stocks which I do. All you need to do is read the email alert and do your thing, by cell, computer, office phone or whatever.


With today's technology you can set it up so the alert service is sent anywhere you want, pager, cell phone etc. etc.


Just because you're extremely busy with you life, doesn't mean you cannot have the opportunity to pull money out of the stock market.  



 Hey Bill

"Wow, is it always like this, I've kept track on every alert and you're now 27 for 28 since I've been're the master!!!!

Kerry T."



Hi Bill,

"Great job, I really needed some extra help on the ku daily setups.  It's really amazing how consistently they win. Now I know what you mean by support & resistance.  Your student forever."

Michael H



Thank you Bill,

"They were excellent picks, keep on a great job. I now understand the day to day KU."
Best Regards,

Redha A


Hi Bill,

"I have been watching your daily picks and have been impressed.

Jason H."




"Bill, I'm Really Kind-of New At This"


That's ok.  This service is designed for beginner or expert.  Each alert and update are clear and conciseI do not use Wall St jargon with my Stock Alert Service.  You'll  see direct alerts like "Buy XYZ@ 20" or "Sell XYZ@ 25".


What You Receive


You'll receive a password to a restricted, members only website.  You can access this area at your convenience.  Here you will find the daily alerts, monitoring of open positions.  Alerts and updates will be available no later then 4:30 am Eastern Standard Time, a full 5 hours before the market opens and most of the time, about 95%, the alerts will be ready by 8:30 pm EST. the day before the market opens


 Each alert will tell you exactly what stock and at what price to buy or sell.  No guess work and no stressing out... you'll know exactly what to do.



You'll receive updates each night on any stock where a position is currently open.




You'll have access to a site that shows you exactly how I scan for trades each night.  Just do the same thing, and it only takes me 3 to 5 minutes!



 You'll learn how to confirm and perfect the process of deciding when, where and which stock to trade.  Compare and study the trades I post each day.  Review them on the charts to get the complete picture.



  Most importantly, WINNING ALERTS


Want to see something neat, here is a chart sent to me by a member.  

Check it out.


  Click Here


I love it, even with a 2000 minimum account, he made $800 in one day.  Way to go Tim!!!


Start increasing your Stock Investing Profits now, take control, all you have to do is try it and see for yourself.



1st Month Special



I'll make your decision even easier. For your First Month with me I'll reduce the price by OVER 30% to only $88 USD.   That's only $22 a week......It's really a no-brainer.


Click Below to sign up on our secure encrypted server


I also comply with S.E.C. regulations. It is understood that you have read and agreed with the S.E.C. required disclaimer. Click here for S.E.C. mandate.




In addition, I will not re-bill your card every month.  I'll send you an email toward the end of each month, so you can decide each and every month how long you wish to stay with the Day-To-Day Stock Alert Service.  

That's how confident I am.


Much Success!

Bill Barrett, President



P.S.  Do you realize that making 1 point profit with a minimum 100 share order per week is $100 profit, over FOUR times the subscription rate!!  And do you really think I would be in business if I only produced a measly1 point of profit per week?


P.P.S.  Remember I am here to support YOU, you are not going it alone.